Get Back to a Life without Back Pain. 

Here at RIMA, we help you achieve the strength and mobility so that you can keep doing the things you love most. We'll create a custom program designed for your unique needs and goals, with a focus on increasing functional strength by changing movement patterns and activating the right muscles. 

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"I feel like a new man. I’m sleeping better than I ever have, my energy and productivity levels are higher than ever, and I’m completely out of pain. This treatment has done more to improve my quality of life than anything I’ve ever tried. They listened closely as I described my issues on day one, and they developed and implemented a targeted, personal treatment plan that brought about almost instant relief. The plan was progressive and flexible in nature, and it includes exercises and stretches that will remain integrated into my health and wellness routine for the foreseeable future."

The Right Direction

Your dream is to live a life without pain. We know, to do that, you need specialist advice and direction. We'll take out the guesswork with functional and fundamental movements.

The Right Place

We know you're likely a workaholic so we designed functional programs that you can perform anywhere with minimal equipment. 

The Right Time

This program is meant to be as convenient as possible to your busy lifestyle. There's never a wrong time to practice what's taught in this mini course - You'll Feel Better the more you do it!



With an optimized, short, back program outlining fundamental steps towards back pain relief, you will never feel out of place with your back again. It's like your own personal mobility coach, in your pocket!

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